Fast CD Ripper

Fast CD Ripper 1.7

Convert and burn CD's to Mp3, WMA and OGG


  • Converts CD's to Mp3, OGG and WMA quickly
  • Incorporates CDDB support


  • Only converts to 3 formats

Very good

Fast CD Ripper is a powerful and easy to use CD Ripper application for converting your audio CD collection to WMA 9, OGG and Mp3 format. It also features ID3 Tag v2 support for editing your music files.

Because CD's are usually in WAV format, it quickly allows you to convert your tracks to one of the above formats and to prevent recording errors, it also features jitter correction. The developers claim that the output quality is particularly high due to support of the WMA 9 format although this is nothing uncommon in burners. However, for MP3 encoding it uses fast LAME encoder 3.93 which does offer excellent high quality bitrates.

One feature that was particularly welcome and absent in many equivalent burners was support of CDDB. You can download information about Audio CD disc such as Album and Artist name, track's names etc. by just clicking on the 'Get CDDB info...' toolbar button. This is essential if you are burning multiple tracks otherwise you won't know which one is which. A compact burner that's packed with features let down perhaps by the fact that it only converts to 3 formats.

Fast and easy, Fast CD Ripper prides itself on being one of the fastest rippers out there.

Convert and burn in just a few quick clicks.

Fast CD Ripper


Fast CD Ripper 1.7

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